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We continue to play in Café Lutetia in the middle of the beautiful Spandau old town 4 preliminary rounds of  7 match points each in the Swiss system and then with 8 players each in the main and consolation in the knockout system.


The Berlin Champion 2024 will be determined in ten separate monthly tournaments until the end of the year. In addition, the first placings in the annual ranking entitle you to participate in the German DBGV Championship 2025.

The entry fee is € 60, beginners € 20, including € 10 registration. Please bring boards and watches with you. The move time is 10 seconds, the time reserve is 2 minutes per match point. All games are counted for the German backgammon ranking. Planning and organization by Ralf Sudbrak and Rolf Schüler.


Saturday 20 January

Saturday 10 February

Saturday 09 March

Saturday 13 April

Saturday 04 May

Saturday 08 June

Sat/Sun   20/21 July

Saturday 14 September

Saturday 19 October

Saturday 23 November

2021          Sabine Brinkmann

2022          Julian Becker und Leonid Riskin

2021          Julian Becker

2019/20     Rolf Schüler

2018/19     Michael Horchler

2017/18     Ralf Jonas

2017          Dankwart Plattner

2016          Dankwart Plattner

2015          Rolf Schüler

2014          Igor Kaplanski

2013          Igor Kaplanski

2012          Tilman Söhnchen

2011          Christian Plenz

2010          Daniel Kotrc

2022          Julian Becker und Leonid Riskin

2023          Sabine Brinkmann



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